How to Paint Still Life with Acrylics & Acrylic Gouache Vol. 1

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How to Paint Still Life with Acrylics & Acrylic Gouache Vol. 1

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We all have interesting objects to paint in our homes! If you are a beginner painter and don't know where to start, this is the course for you. It's a practical guide to acrylic painting techniques and materials, with lots of tips on how to get great results.

The course is for beginner and intermediate painters but is also useful for advanced artists.


Author: Fabio Frau

Duration: 1hr. 19 min

Resolution: 1080p HD MP4

Language: English



 - Introduction to colours, mediums and additives

- Tips for choosing brushes and palettes    

- How to prepare the support with acrylic primer

- Quick techniques for transferring your drawing to the medium


Three demonstrations with commentary

- Clementine (duration 19 minutes)

- Bronze Bell (duration 16 minutes)

- Teapot (duration 21 Minutes)

- PDF with the complete transcript of the lessons

- PDF with list of materials



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